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Ruby Sahota

Your member of parliament for

Brampton North

Ruby Sahota

Your member of parliament for

Brampton North


Town Hall Consultations

Our government has made it clear we are going to be transparent and listen to what Canadians need. This is why we have held several town hall consultations throughout the summer and will continue to hold these in the coming weeks, months and years. Its important that we hear the views and opinions of Brampton North residents because many are quite knowledgeable, understand the issues well or simply making sure a specific issue gets heard by government.

After a busy summer 2016, we held many town halls, such as electoral reform, Canada Post, Defence policy and others. Follow both my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts or sign up for email blasts that my office will send out for future towns hall consultations.

Previous Town-Hall Consultations:

Defence Policy

All Brampton Joint Canada Post

All Brampton Joint Electoral Reform


Veteran’s Roundtable

Electoral Reform

C-51 (National Security)


*All town hall consultations are open to all constituents!