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Ruby Sahota

Your member of parliament for

Brampton North

Ruby Sahota

Your member of parliament for

Brampton North


MP Sahota Proudly Supports Budget 2018’s focus on Equality and Growth for a Strong Middle Class

28/02/2018 – Canada’s future prosperity depends on ensuring that every Canadian has a real and fair chance at success. Ms. Ruby Sahota, Member of Parliament for Brampton North applauds the focus placed on equality and growth by Budget 2018.

Over the last two years, Canada’s economic growth has been fuelled by a stronger middle class. Canadians’ hard work, combined with the Government’s historic investment in people and in communities, helped create more good jobs – while more support for those who need it most has meant to save, invest, and spend in their communities.

To build on this progress, Finance Minister Bill Morneau tabled Equality + Growth: A Strong Middle Class – which supports the Government’s people-centric approach. The Government is taking the next steps towards building a more equal, competitive, sustainable and fair Canada – where science, curiosity, and innovation spur economy growth.

Canada’s strong fiscal fundamentals – anchored by a low and consistently declining debt-to-GDP ratio – means that our government has the confidence to make the necessary investments in our future to strengthen and grow the middle class, and lay a solid foundation for future generations.

Through Budget 2018, the Government will:

  • Put more money in the pockets of those who need it the most, by improving access to the Canada Child Benefit and introducing the new Canada Workers Benefit (a strengthened version of the Working Income Tax Benefit).
  • Help Canadians who are struggling to find urban housing by providing additional funding to the Rental Construction Financing Initiative, enabling them to construct new rental units across the country.
  • Create more good, well-paying jobs and ground-breaking research that benefits everyone by investing in five innovation superclusters across Canada, including the Southern Ontario-based Advanced Manufacturing supercluster with roots in Brampton.
  • Support women attempting to enter the workforce by launching several new funding streams to help them get the skills they need, including a three-year pilot program specifically for newcomer women of visible minorities.


“The Government has an outstanding record of working to support the middle class and those working hard to join it; this budget is yet another positive step forward. With more money for low income and middle class Canadians, including families, women and newcomers, Budget 2018 will help ensure that everyone in this country, including my five year old son, is given the same opportunity to succeed.”

Ruby Sahota
Member of Parliament for Brampton North




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