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Ruby Sahota

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Ruby Sahota

Your member of parliament for

Brampton North


MP Ruby Sahota Speaks to Grade 5 Students in Brampton North

Brampton, Ontario – January 2017 – Since the New Year, Ruby Sahota, Member of Parliament for Brampton North, has visited several schools and spoke with grade 5 classes. MP Sahota visited Larkspur Public School, Good Shepherd Catholic Elementary School, St. Stephen’s Elementary School and Venerable Michael J McGivney Catholic School in her riding of Brampton North.

As a part of the Grade 5 curriculum, students learn about the government in Social Studies. Teachers from each respective school welcomed the opportunity to have MP Sahota speak to their classes, and provide first-hand knowledge and experience as a Member of Parliament.

“To engage young minds and to help them understand the political process is extremely important,” explains MP Sahota. “These students will be voters and contributing members of society in the future and should be given the information that will allow them to be informed citizens.”

MP Sahota’s presentation included topics covered by the class curriculum, such as the roles and responsibilities of a Member of Parliament, the importance of the House of Commons and Senate, and the process of how a bill becomes a law. Following the presentation, students were able to ask the MP questions. Questions raised by the students ranged from understanding the election process, the environment and the responsibilities of a MP.

When asked about the questions raised by the grade 5 students, MP Sahota proclaims “I am always blown away by the depth of questions these young students asked. This is a great example of why elected officials must engage with the youth in their constituencies; to answer questions on topics that concern youth, and to guide and nurture their interest in politics and government.”

It is no secret Ruby is passionate about the youth and will continue to speak to and inspire young people in the future. Schools or organizations interested in having MP Sahota speak to their class can contact her Office at


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